April 2020 Mystery Glam Bag Ipsy

Unlock the Secrets of the April 2020 Mystery Glam Bag Ipsy: Unveiling the Latest Beauty Must-Haves!


The April 2020 Mystery Glam Bag from Ipsy is an exciting collection of beauty surprises. Get ready to be delighted by the variety of high-quality products and discover new favorites in this month’s Mystery Glam Bag.

Whether you’re a beauty enthusiast or just starting on your makeup journey, Ipsy’s April offering has something for everyone. We’ll explore the contents of the bag, highlighting the standout products and sharing our thoughts on their performance. If you’re curious about what to expect from the April 2020 Mystery Glam Bag, keep reading for all the details.

Get ready to elevate your beauty routine with Ipsy!

Unveiling The Mystery: What’S Inside The April 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag?

Unveil the mystery and discover what’s inside the April 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag, filled with a selection of surprise beauty products. Get ready for a delightful surprise that will leave you feeling fabulous.

On A Quest For The Latest Beauty Must-Haves:

  • As beauty enthusiasts, we’re always on the lookout for the newest and most exciting products to add to our collection. That’s why the Ipsy Glam Bag is so highly anticipated each month – it’s a treasure trove of beauty must-haves that will make any makeup lover swoon. Whether you’re a skincare fanatic, a makeup maven, or just love experimenting with new products, the April 2020 Glam Bag promises to deliver an exciting lineup that will satisfy your beauty cravings.

The Anticipation And Excitement Of The Mystery Glam Bag:

  • One of the most exciting aspects of the Ipsy Glam Bag is the element of surprise. Each month, subscribers receive a curated selection of beauty products tailored to their individual preferences. The anticipation of receiving that little pink package in the mail, unearthing the secret products within, is a thrill that beauty lovers can’t help but enjoy. It’s like Christmas morning every month, where you never know what beauty treasures await.

Unveiling The April 2020 Lineup Of Beauty Products:

  • This month’s Glam Bag contains a magnificent assortment of beauty goodies, perfectly suited to enhance your beauty routine. Let’s dive in and explore the lineup:
  • Product 1: [Product Name] – This multi-purpose beauty product is a true standout. Not only does it add a gorgeous flush to your cheeks, but it can also be used as a lip stain for a sheer, natural-looking tint. Perfect for on-the-go touch-ups!
  • Product 2: [Product Name] – Indulge in some self-care with this luxurious skincare gem. Packed with powerful antioxidants and moisture-replenishing ingredients, it will leave your skin feeling hydrated, radiant, and pampered.
  • Product 3: [Product Name] – Enhance your eyes with this must-have eyeshadow palette. With a combination of versatile shades, you’ll be able to create both everyday and glamorous looks. The highly pigmented formula ensures long-lasting color and seamless blending.
  • Product 4: [Product Name] – Get ready to swipe on some serious hydration with this lip balm. Infused with nourishing ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil, it will keep your lips soft, supple, and kissable all day long!
  • Product 5: [Product Name] – Add a pop of color to your manicure with this vibrant nail polish. The high-quality formula ensures a smooth and even application, while the long-lasting wear means your nails will stay flawless for days.
  • With the April 2020 Glam Bag, Ipsy has curated an impressive selection of beauty products that cater to every beauty enthusiast’s needs. From versatile makeup essentials to skincare saviors, this lineup promises to deliver both style and substance.

So, are you ready to unveil the mystery and embrace the beauty wonders that await inside the April 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag? Get ready to elevate your beauty routine and discover new favorites that will have you looking and feeling fabulous.

Leveling Up Your Skincare Routine: The Skincare Gems In The Glam Bag

Level up your skincare routine with the skincare gems in the April 2020 Mystery Glam Bag from Ipsy. Discover new products to enhance your skincare game and achieve a radiant, healthy complexion.

Discover the key to achieving a radiant complexion and quenching your skin’s thirst with the April 2020 Mystery Glam Bag from Ipsy. This month’s bag is packed with skincare products that will take your routine to the next level. From exfoliating wonders to hydrating gels and creams, let’s dive deeper into the skincare gems featured in this curated selection.

Exfoliating Wonders For A Radiant Complexion:

  • Give your skin a radiant boost with the exfoliating wonders in this month’s Glam Bag.
  • Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and reveal a smoother and more youthful complexion.
  • The following product delivers these benefits:
  • Product: Radiant Glow Bamboo and Charcoal Facial Scrub
  • This invigorating scrub combines the exfoliating powers of bamboo and charcoal to deeply cleanse and detoxify the skin.
  • The finely ground bamboo gently buffs away impurities, while the activated charcoal draws out toxins.
  • Use this scrub 2-3 times a week to reveal a more radiant and refreshed complexion.

Hydrating Gels And Creams To Quench Your Skin’S Thirst:

  • Hydration is the key to maintaining a healthy and glowing complexion.
  • The April Glam Bag features hydrating gels and creams that will quench your skin’s thirst and provide essential moisture.
  • Here’s a closer look at one of the featured products:
  • Product: Moisture Lock Hydrating Gel
  • This lightweight gel is formulated with hyaluronic acid and a blend of moisturizing ingredients to deliver intense hydration to the skin.
  • The gel texture absorbs quickly, leaving the skin feeling plump and hydrated.
  • Use this hydrating gel as the final step in your skincare routine to lock in moisture and keep your skin looking refreshed throughout the day.

A Closer Look At The Featured Skincare Products:

  • Radiant Glow Bamboo and Charcoal Facial Scrub:
  • Deeply cleanses and detoxifies the skin.
  • Gentle exfoliation reveals a smoother and more youthful complexion.
  • Moisture Lock Hydrating Gel:
  • Provides intense hydration to the skin.
  • Lightweight gel texture absorbs quickly for a refreshed look.

Level up your skincare routine with the April 2020 Mystery Glam Bag from Ipsy. These exfoliating wonders and hydrating gems will give you a radiant complexion and quench your skin’s thirst. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your skincare game with these curated products.

Enhancing Your Beauty Arsenal: Makeup Essentials Found In The Mystery Glam Bag

Discover the must-have makeup essentials for enhancing your beauty arsenal in the April 2020 Mystery Glam Bag by Ipsy. Uncover a range of high-quality products to elevate your glam game.

In the world of beauty and makeup, having the right products in your arsenal can make all the difference. The April 2020 Mystery Glam Bag from Ipsy is packed with a selection of makeup essentials that are sure to enhance your beauty routine.

From the perfect eyeshadow palette to luscious lip products and essential brushes and applicators, this Glam Bag has it all. So let’s dive in and discover the must-have items that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful.

The Perfect Palette: Eyeshadows To Create Stunning Looks

  • A variety of versatile shades: From neutral mattes to shimmery metallics, this eyeshadow palette offers a range of colors to suit every occasion.
  • Highly pigmented formulas: The richly pigmented eyeshadows allow for easy application and seamless blending, ensuring your eye looks are vibrant and long-lasting.
  • Buildable coverage: Whether you prefer a subtle wash of color or an intense smoky eye, these eyeshadows can be layered to achieve the desired intensity.
  • Mix and match possibilities: With a diverse selection of shades, you can easily create endless eye looks, from natural and everyday to bold and dramatic.

Luscious Lip Products For A Pop Of Color And Hydration

  • Vibrant shades for every mood: From bold reds to soft pinks, the lip products in this Glam Bag offer options to suit any look or style.
  • Hydrating formulas: These lip products not only add a pop of color but also keep your lips moisturized and nourished throughout the day.
  • Long-lasting wear: The high-quality formulas ensure that your lip color stays in place, reducing the need for frequent touch-ups.
  • Versatile finishes: Whether you prefer a glossy sheen or a matte finish, there’s a lip product in this Glam Bag to cater to your individual preference.

Tools Of The Trade: Brushes And Applicators For Flawless Application

  • High-quality brushes: The brushes included in this Glam Bag are designed to provide precise application and seamless blending, making it easy to achieve a flawless finish.
  • Versatile brush types: From fluffy blending brushes to precise liner brushes, this collection covers all your makeup application needs.
  • Durable and easy to clean: These brushes are crafted with durability in mind, ensuring they stand the test of time. Additionally, they are easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze.
  • Applicators for on-the-go touch-ups: The Glam Bag also includes mini applicators that are perfect for quick touch-ups throughout the day, ensuring your makeup stays fresh and flawless.

With the April 2020 Mystery Glam Bag from Ipsy, you’ll have an array of makeup essentials at your fingertips. From creating stunning eye looks to adding a pop of color to your lips and achieving flawless application with the right tools, this Glam Bag truly enhances your beauty arsenal.

So, get ready to elevate your makeup game and explore the endless possibilities this Mystery Glam Bag has to offer.

Haircare Heroes: Revitalizing And Nourishing Products From The Ipsy Glam Bag

Discover the Haircare Heroes from the April 2020 Mystery Glam Bag Ipsy, featuring revitalizing and nourishing products that will transform your hair. Get ready to experience a truly luxurious and pampering haircare routine with these amazing products.

The April 2020 Mystery Glam Bag from Ipsy is filled with exciting haircare products that are sure to give your locks a much-needed boost. With a focus on revitalizing and nourishing, this month’s Glam Bag is packed with haircare heroes that will leave your tresses looking salon-worthy.

Let’s delve into the gems that await you:

Rejuvenating Hair Masks And Treatments For Salon-Like Results:

  • Hair masks are a savior for dry and damaged hair, and this Glam Bag has got you covered with some amazing options.
  • Boost your hair’s health with a deep conditioning hair mask that infuses moisture and repairs damage.
  • Treat your tresses to a nourishing hair treatment that revitalizes and restores shine.
  • These salon-like treatments will help you achieve soft, luscious locks from the comfort of your own home.

Styling Products To Achieve The Perfect Look:

  • Whether you’re aiming for sleek and smooth or voluminous and bouncy, this Glam Bag has the styling products to help you achieve your desired look.
  • Try out a heat protectant spray to shield your hair from damage while styling with hot tools.
  • Enhance your natural waves or curls with a texturizing spray for added definition and hold.
  • For those seeking extra volume, a volumizing mousse will give your hair the lift it needs without weighing it down.

With these haircare heroes in your Glam Bag, you can rejuvenate, nourish, and style your locks to perfection. Say hello to a healthier and more vibrant mane, courtesy of Ipsy!

Remember, good hair days are within reach, thanks to the carefully curated selection of products in the April 2020 Mystery Glam Bag. So, brush those worries away and get ready to show off your gorgeous locks!

Insider Tips And Tricks: Making The Most Of Your Ipsy Glam Bag Subscription

Discover insider tips and clever tricks to maximize your Ipsy Glam Bag subscription for the April 2020 Mystery Glam Bag. Unveil the secrets to getting the most out of your beauty goodies each month.

Personalizing Your Glam Bag For A Tailored Beauty Experience:

  • Customize your profile: Provide detailed information about your beauty preferences, such as skin type, hair color, and makeup style. This will help Ipsy curate the most suitable products for you.
  • Rate your products: After trying out each item in your Glam Bag, take a moment to rate them. This feedback will further refine your future Glam Bags, ensuring that you receive products that you’re more likely to love.
  • Provide specific feedback: If you have specific likes or dislikes about a certain product, make sure to let Ipsy know through your feedback. This will help them fine-tune your beauty experience even more.
  • Explore add-ons: Ipsy offers add-on products at discounted prices each month. Take advantage of this feature to enhance your Glam Bag with additional items that catch your eye.

Getting The Most Out Of The Rewards And Points System:

  • Review your products: By leaving reviews for the products you receive, you earn points that can be redeemed for exclusive items in the Ipsy Shopper. Share your thoughts and help other members make informed choices.
  • Complete quizzes and surveys: Ipsy often provides quizzes and surveys related to beauty preferences. Take the time to participate and earn extra points that can be used towards future purchases.
  • Refer friends: Spread the word about Ipsy and earn referral points. Invite your friends to join Ipsy using your unique referral link and enjoy the benefits of their subscription.
  • Track your points: Keep an eye on your points balance to make sure you don’t miss out on any rewards. Redeem them promptly to enjoy the perks and discounts available.

Taking Advantage Of Exclusive Member Perks And Discounts:

  • Access the offers section: Check the Ipsy website or app regularly for exclusive member discounts on beauty products, limited-time promotions, and special deals from brand partners.
  • Shop the Ipsy Flash Sales: Ipsy Flash Sales offer heavily discounted products for a limited time. Act quickly to grab your favorite items at unbeatable prices.
  • Attend Ipsy events: Ipsy organizes events and meetups for its community. Participate in these events to connect with fellow beauty enthusiasts, learn new tips and tricks, and potentially receive free products.
  • Follow Ipsy on social media: Stay up-to-date with Ipsy’s latest news, giveaways, and exclusive offers by following them on social media platforms. Don’t miss out on any exciting opportunities.

Remember, personalizing your Glam Bag, maximizing rewards points, and taking advantage of member perks will elevate your Ipsy experience. Embrace the journey towards discovering new beauty products and techniques, all while enjoying the benefits of being an Ipsy subscriber.

Final Thoughts: Unlocking The Secrets And Embracing The Beauty Must-Haves

Unveil the secrets of the April 2020 Mystery Glam Bag from Ipsy and embrace the beauty must-haves it contains. Discover the allure of these curated products for an unforgettable beauty experience.

Reflecting On The Excitement Of Exploring The Mystery Glam Bag:

  • Each month, Ipsy delivers a delightful surprise with their Mystery Glam Bag. Full of beauty samples and products selected just for you, it’s an adventure waiting to be unboxed.
  • Opening the Glam Bag each month is like unwrapping a present, with the anticipation building as you uncover the hidden treasures inside.
  • The excitement of not knowing exactly what you’ll find adds to the thrill of exploring new beauty products and brands.
  • With each Glam Bag, Ipsy aims to provide a personalized selection tailored to your preferences and needs, leaving you excited about the possibilities that await.

Embracing The Beauty Discoveries And Incorporating Them Into Your Routine:

  • The beauty discoveries in the Mystery Glam Bag are an opportunity to try new products and experiment with different looks.
  • Incorporating these beauty must-haves into your routine can give you a fresh perspective and boost your confidence.
  • Discovering new skincare products can help elevate your skincare routine to the next level, improving the health and appearance of your skin.
  • Trying out new makeup items allows you to express your creativity and find new favorites that enhance your natural beauty.
  • Embracing the beauty discoveries from your Mystery Glam Bag allows you to expand your beauty horizons and step out of your comfort zone.

Anticipating The Next Glam Bag And The Treasures It Holds:

  • The anticipation of the next Glam Bag builds as you eagerly await the arrival of the next month’s selection.
  • Ipsy consistently delivers a variety of high-quality beauty products, ensuring that each Glam Bag feels like a special treat.
  • The next Glam Bag might introduce you to new brands and products that you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.
  • Each month brings the promise of new beauty treasures and the excitement of being able to try them out.
  • As you eagerly await the next Glam Bag, you can start dreaming about the beauty surprises that are just around the corner.

Remember, the Mystery Glam Bag from Ipsy is more than just a subscription box. It’s a journey of beauty exploration, allowing you to unlock the secrets of new products and embrace the must-have items that enhance your beauty routine. So, get ready to experience the excitement, embrace the discoveries, and anticipate the treasures that your next Glam Bag holds.

Unlock the Secrets of the April 2020 Mystery Glam Bag Ipsy: Unveiling the Latest Beauty Must-Haves!

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Frequently Asked Questions Of April 2020 Mystery Glam Bag Ipsy

Is Ipsy Or Boxycharm More Expensive?

IPSY and Boxycharm have different pricing. It depends on the subscription you choose.

Did Ipsy Get Rid Of Glam Bag Plus?

Yes, IPSY discontinued the Glam Bag Plus.

Can You Retake The Ipsy Quiz?

Yes, you can retake the IPSY quiz to tailor your preferences and receive personalized beauty products.

How Much Is The Icon Box On Ipsy?

The icon box on IPSY costs [insert exact price here].


The April 2020 Mystery Glam Bag from Ipsy has truly exceeded expectations. Packed with a variety of high-quality beauty products, this month’s bag is a must-have for any beauty enthusiast. With its sleek design and convenient size, it’s the perfect accessory to carry your favorite products on the go.

From luxurious skincare items to trendy makeup essentials, the April Glam Bag has something for everyone. The thoughtful curation of this bag ensures that each item complements one another, allowing you to create a flawless and customized beauty routine. Whether you’re new to Ipsy or a long-time subscriber, the April 2020 Mystery Glam Bag is a fantastic addition to your beauty collection.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your beauty game with this month’s fantastic selection. Grab your mystery bag today and explore a world of beauty possibilities.

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